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“I came from Mobile, Alabama to received this Hyperthermia treatment and I’m grateful by the way I got cured”. “It was well worth coming up here! Believe me”. “I was diagnosed in 2007, stage TH2, winch is a confined area of the prostate. The primary doctor wanted to give me conventional external radiation. The diagnosing biopsy was really painful.

I was offered hypothermia, that is freezing the prostate. I did not want to take external beam radiation because of the irreversible side effects that would happen to me, like the end of my sex life, (impotence), incontinence, (loss of libido, erectile dysfunction). I wouldn’t be able to function sexually active, no erection, and different things of that nature.

Doctors told me: “The radiation was the only way to go”

The main concern of a man diagnosed with Prostate Cancer is: will I be able to have a normal sexual life after the treatment?
The answer is simple. Conventional Prostate Cancer treatments, surgery, followed by high dose radiation and chemotherapy, leave 80% of man impotent, or at least with a very low libido..

Hyperthermia combined with Low-Radiation-Dose is a much more effective Prostate Cancer Treatment and the side effects are low; about 93% of the patients have a completer response (cancer free) and about 95% of them have NO sexual side effects or very low ones!

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